Northern Bush-Honeysuckle


Attractive peeling bark reveals orange inner bark. Produces fragrant yellow-red flowers in early summer that attract pollinators and hummingbirds. Do not confuse this native honeysuckle with invasive honeysuckle species, such as Amur Honeysuckle, Morrow Honeysuckle, Japanese Honeysuckle, Tatarian Honeysuckle or Bells Honeysuckle. When purchasing, refer to the Latin name Diervilla lonicera.

Latin Name: Diervilla lonicera

Type: Small Shrub

Average Height: 50-100 cm

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil: Sand-Loam-Clay

Moisture: Dry-Slightly Moist

Tolerances: Drought, Compaction

Planting Notes: Sends out suckers and will spread quickly in fertile soils. Clip back or allow to spread to create a hedge.