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Discover Nature-based Solutions

Learn how planting trees in your yard can protect your community against the effects of climate change.

Trees and Shrubs

Native trees are a beautiful addition to any property. They provide shade, prevent erosion, help reduce flood risk and improve air and water quality. Trees also provide habitat and food for wildlife.

Urban Residents

Homeowners in eligible neighbourhoods can receive a free tree and purchase additional trees that CVC’s home planting team will deliver and help plant. We can help you determine where and what to plant to best suit your property’s conditions, your vision and your budget.

Check your eligibility and participate in our free Neighbourhood Tree Giveaway.

Already ordered your free tree? Use your password to purchase additional trees and/or shrubs.

Rural Residents

Learn how rural homeowners may be eligible for full-service tree and shrub planting.

Habitat Structures

Enhance wildlife habitat on your property by installing a habitat structure. To purchase habitat structures, your property must be within the Credit River Watershed. Eligibility of each order will be verified by CVC staff prior to it being processed.

Plant Lists

Learn how to plant beautiful native plant gardens in your own backyard. Choose from a wide variety of guides to help you attract breeding birds, migrating birds or pollinators, just to name a few!

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