Freeman’s Maple


Hardy and fast-growing, Freeman’s maple is a great shade tree suited to medium and large urban yards. Small red flowers appear in early spring, providing emerging bees with a much-needed food source. Come fall, its forest green leaves turn brilliant red and orange. Freeman’s maple is a cross between a silver and red maple and supports almost 300 different caterpillar species. Watch our short video on why Freeman’s maple is one of our top native trees for urban yards.

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Latin Name: Acer x freemanii

Type: Large Tree

Average Height: 12-18 m

Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

Soil: Sand-Loam-Clay

Moisture: Dry-Slightly Moist

Tolerances: Drought, Compaction, Juglones

Planting Notes: Plant a minimum of 3 m away from house or structures.